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System Software Release 1.9.0

Ferroamp strives to continuously improve the system performance and functionality of the EnergyHub system with the aim of increasing the values and benefits that the system creates for our customers. Therefore, a new software is now released with improvements that increase the stability of the system and facilitate maintenance of the system.

Affected products

  • PH00177 EnergyHub 7                       P05 20110016   

  • PH00205 EnergyHub 14                     P05 20110016

  • PH00798 EnergyHub XL 21                P02 20110016

  • PH00030 EnergyHub XL 28                P02 20110016

  • PH01106 Single EnergyHub XL 21     P02 20110016

  • PH01105 Single EnergyHub XL 28     P02 20110016

  • PH00413 Display 19”                          P01 20110007


Energy Management

Critical Energy Storage levels

Active monitoring and management of Pylontech and PSM (Ferroamp) energy storage at critical energy levels. Before the energy level in the energy storage reaches a critically low level and there is a risk that the energy storage will be damaged, EnergyHub charges the energy storage above the minimum SoC (State of Charge) to preserve its service life and function.

Measurement data

PLC improvements

SSO and ESO are activated faster at start-up.

Improved quality of data in systems with long DC cables between SSO, EnergyHub and ESO.

System maintenance

Remote updates

Improved function for remote updating of the EnergyHub system as well as automatic software updating of ESOs and SSOs. The SSOs schedule their update to start at 21:00 and to pause the update in the morning until 21:00 the next evening for the units that did not have time to be updated.

Improved stability

Improved communication over PLC (Power Line Communication) when transmitting data in poor conditions due to external interference.

Improved handling of energy control in case of voltage drop due to long distances between EnergyHub, ESO and SSO to ensure maximum production of solar energy.

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