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What should I do if the SSO offline alarm is triggered?


*Ferroamp's alarm function is currently being rolled out and will be rolled out to all facilities during the first half of 2023. To simplify the rollout, facilities will be selected at random. Unfortunately, we do not have the option to manually prioritize a facility, so it is not possible to contact us and ask to have the function activated earlier. Our ambition is for all customers to have access to this function as quickly as possible. 

If you receive an alarm that one or more SSOs have lost contact with your facility and stopped sending data, do the following:

  1. Check that the product ID serial number listed in the alarm email matches the serial numbers of the SSOs that are mounted on the facility. If for some reason one or more SSOs have been replaced but not manually removed from the system topology in EnergyCloud, this triggers the alarm. 
    1. You find the system topology under SYSTEM SETTINGS.
    2. Old SSOs are removed by pressing the minus sign to the right of the product ID or serial number belonging to the old SSO. Then you press UPDATE SYSTEM TOPOLOGY. 
  2. Check that the diode at the bottom of the SSO lights up with a continuous light.
    • If there is a continuous light, press the reset button on the EnergyHub for 10 seconds. If it still does not report data in EnergyCloud, restart the system by breaking the AC power switch to the EnergyHub, wait 5 minutes, and then restart the EnergyHub. 
    • If it flashes, check what flashes indicate and contact your installer
    • If it does not light up at all, contact your installer.


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