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Software release 5.4.1


Ferroamp strives to continuously improve the system performance and functionality of the EnergyHub system in order to increase the values and benefits that the system creates for our customers.

Affected products:

All products produced from January 2024 are delivered from Ferroamp with software version 5.4.1:

  • PH00177 EnergyHub Wall 7 kW                       

  • PH00205 EnergyHub Wall 14 kW

  • PH01106 EnergyHub Wall 21 kW 

  • PH01105 EnergyHub Wall 28 kW                 

  • PH00798 EnergyHub XL 21 kW

  • PH00030 EnergyHub XL 28 kW

  • PH00413 Display 19”                           

Software release 5.4.1 will be begin to be rolled out during the winter of 2023/2024 to all already installed systems.


EnergyHub system (In General)

Electric Vehicle Charging (OCPP Integration)

Solar String Optimizers (SSO:s)

Energy Storage Optimizers (ESO:s)

Software for ESO:s are now updated to 0.9.0:

  • Better low temperature handling of batteries in the Ferroamp system.
  • Introduced SOC based maintenance modes.
    • When the SOC goes more than 1% below the lower SOC limit it will charge to 1% above the SOC limit in the following nightly maintenance window.
    • When the SOC drops below 3% the batteries will charge to 20%.
  • Enforced hard SOC limits on batteries  to ensure safe operation of batteries.
    •  The system will no longer accept a soc limit set below 5% in EnergyCloud. A  lower SOC limit will be overridden in the ESO and set to 5%

Measurement & communication

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